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Leandro Martín Gaitán Mantaras

Publicaciones científicas más recientes (desde 2010)

Autores: Gaitán Mantaras, Leandro Martín
ISSN 1474-6700  Nº 17  2019  págs. 403 - 416
This paper addresses the greatest aspiration of the transhumanist movement: achieving immortal life through a procedure known as mind uploading. This procedure consists in keeping our minds fully and indefinitely operative after death by transferring them to a non-biological substrate that allows man to be liberated from his bodily confinement. My main thesis is that the mind uploading project presupposes a secular eschatology, consummating the Promethean utopia according to which human beings could redeem themselves, expelling God definitively from their existential horizon. On this basis, the paper offers meaningful contrasts between the uploading as secular eschatology and the Christian tradition.
Autores: Gaitán Mantaras, Leandro Martín; Echarte Alonso, Luis Enrique
ISSN 0161-7249  Vol. 20  Nº 1  2016  págs. 16 - 33
The present work is developed within the frame of so-called critical neuroscience. The aim of this article is to explain the transition from a kind of neuroscience understood as a strict scientific discipline, possessing a methodology and a specific praxis, to a kind of neuroscience that has been transformed into a meta-narrative with totalizing claims. In particular, we identify and examine eleven catalysts for such a transition: 1) a lack of communication between scientists and journalists; 2) the abuse of information by the sensational press; 3) the acceptance of specific philosophical approaches (like eliminative materialism) by a wide range of scientists; 4) the widespread transmission of two conceptual mistakes: a) an identification between methodological and ontological reductionism and b) the mereological fallacy; 5) the influence of post-Cartesian philosophical thinking in the scientific community; 6) an overwhelming scientific hyper-specialization; 7) the illegitimate transfer of authority from humanities to the sciences; 8) an inbuilt human preference for visual data; 9) economic interests; 10) scientific utopianism; and 11) the new self-help movements and their alliance with neuro-enhancement. Finally, our essay seeks to draw attention to the most damaging consequences for both science and human ways of living.
Autores: Gaitán Mantaras, Leandro Martín; Sáez Castresana, Javier
ISSN 1662-5161  Vol. 8  2014  págs. 684
Autores: Gaitán Mantaras, Leandro Martín
ISSN 0328-8390  Vol. XXIV  Nº 82  2013  págs. 507 - 509
Autores: Echarte Alonso, Luis Enrique; Gaitán Mantaras, Leandro Martín
ISSN 0123-0999  Vol. 16  Nº 2  2013  págs. 8 - 32
Los avances de las últimas dos décadas en el estudio del sistema nervioso y en el desarrollo de neuro-tecnología parecen justificar las elevadas expectativas en lo que a este campo concierne. No obstante, cada vez son más los autores que advierten, desde dentro y fuera de la neurociencia, que es excesivo tal grado de optimismo así como perjudicial el neuro-esencialismo que genera. En el presente artículo analizamos el origen y el papel de las expectativas neurocientíficas. En las conclusiones defendemos, primero, que las principales causas no son las evidencias y las teorías científicas, como suele pensarse y, segundo, que precisamente esta generalizada falsa creencia perjudica seriamente el avance científico y el progreso social.
Autores: Gaitán Mantaras, Leandro Martín; Echarte Alonso, Luis Enrique
ISSN 0123-3122  Vol. 16  Nº 2  2012  págs. 108 - 129
Autores: Gaitán Mantaras, Leandro Martín
Revista: STOA
ISSN 2007-1868  Vol. 3  Nº 6  2012  págs. 5 - 29