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Ana Sánchez-Ostiz Gutiérrez

Construcción, Instalaciones y Estructuras
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura Universidad de Navarra
Líneas de investigación
Envolventes de edificios: cubiertas y fachadas. Código UNESCO 3305.99, Rehabilitación energética y sostenible de cerramientos de edificios. Código UNESCO: 3305.01, Ecodiseño de componentes industrializados y sostenibles para cerramientos de edificio. Código UNESCO: 3305.24, Certificación ambiental de edificios. Código UNESCO: 3305.28, Regulaciones, códigos y especificaciones. Diseño basado en prestaciones. Código UNESCO 3305.28

I am a Lecturer professor in the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra (ETSAUN), where I also lead the Master's Degree in Environmental Design and Management of Buildings (MDGAE). Since I finished my degree in 1986, I have dedicated myself to teaching, research and freelance practice of Architecture. I have carried out 46 new construction works and 66 renovation works throughout my career. As a Professor, I currently teach in the degree of Architecture the subjects on Design and Construction of Roofs and Façades; and a postgraduate course in the Master MDGAE titled Principles of sustainability, Energy management, passive measures, and environmental certification. As a researcher, I lead the SAVIArquitectura group, and my topics of interest are ecodesign of industrialized and sustainable envelopess, energy retrofitting buildings and neighborhoods, and quantification of sustainable architecture. I have extensive research experience in these fields having participated in projects, agreements and research contracts. The books I have published and papers (54) published are the results of my investigation. My research activity begins with the development of my doctoral thesis that dealt with "Retrofitting of Buildings. Application of Industrialized Techniques" that ended in 1993.Since then I have been working on this topic. I also continued researching in the field of new technologies for the application on the design of sustainable envelopes in new construction and retrofitting. The first case, highlights the project INDUSTRIALIZATION OF LOW COST BIOCLIMATIC HOUSING (2007-2012), which has resulted in the publication of a book, a paper in the magazine Energy and Buildings (Q1) and finally an European patent. In the second, I would like to underline the projects PERFORMANCE BASED DESIGN ACTUATION PROTOCOL FOR BUILDINGS¿ENVELOPE RETROFITTING (2013-2015), AND ENERGY AND SOCIAL MODEL WITH GIS TOOL, FOR AN EFFICIENT REHABILITATION IN PAMPLONA (2014-2015). In addition I was a participant in the European SABINA project that develops technology capable of maximizing the integration of renewable energies in buildings and the accumulation of energy in the envelopes themselves. I am currently IP of a project: CLIMATE READY. ADAPTATION ASSESSMENT OF SPANISH RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS TO WARMER CONDITIONS AND HEAT WAVES (RETOS 2019). As an architect, I founded my own Architecture Studio in which for 28 years (1986-2014) I have carried out 48 new construction works and 74 rehabilitation works. I have won 4 competitive competitions. I have been a visiting researcher at the following international Universities: Welsh School of Architecture (UK, 2013 and 2014), at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA, 2013, 2015, 2017), the Masachussetts Institute of Technology (USA, 2014), and at Pratt Institute (2018, 2019).