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Autores: Errasti Ibarrondo, María Begoña (Autor de correspondencia); Jordán, J. A.; Pérez Diez del Corral, Mercedes; et al.
ISSN 1320-7881  Vol. 26  Nº 1  2019  págs. e12259
Phenomenology of practice is a useful, rigorous way of deeply understanding human phenomena. Therefore, it allows research to be conducted into nursing's most sensitive and decisive aspects. While it is a widely used research approach and methodology in nursing, it is seldom addressed and made use of in its practical and applied value. This article aimed to approach the global outlook of van Manen's hermeneutic¿phenomenological method to better understand its theoretical background and to address and support the contribution this method can make to nursing, if rigorously applied. For a professional discipline like nursing, van Manen's approach is especially interesting because, in addition to contributing to the body of knowledge of nursing, it provides a special kind of knowledge that allows nurses to act in a more reflective manner, and with tact and skill, in certain situations and relationships that arise in their daily practice. A more in¿depth understanding of this research methodology may help nurse¿researchers make good use of it and also harness knowledge derived from this type of research. This comes as a result of assuming that phenomenological texts, the final product of the research, have tremendous educational potential for people who read them carefully
Autores: Errasti Ibarrondo, María Begoña; Jordán, J. A.; Pérez Diez del Corral, Mercedes; et al.
ISSN 0309-2402  Vol. 74  Nº 7  2018  págs. 1723 - 1734
Aims To offer a complete outlook in a readable easy way of van Manen's hermeneutic¿phenomenological method to nurses interested in undertaking phenomenological research. Background Phenomenology, as research methodology, involves a certain degree of complexity. It is difficult to identify a single article or author which sets out the didactic guidelines that specifically guide research of this kind. In this context, the theoretical¿practical view of Max van Manen's Phenomenology of Practice may be seen as a rigorous guide and directive on which researchers may find support to undertake phenomenological research. Design Discussion paper. Data sources This discussion paper is based on our own experiences and supported by literature and theory. Our central sources of data have been the books and writings of Max van Manen and his website ¿Phenomenologyonline¿. Implications for nursing The principal methods of the hermeneutic¿phenomenological method are addressed and explained providing an enriching overview of phenomenology of practice. A proposal is made for the way the suggestions made by van Manen might be organized for use with the methods involved in Phenomenology of Practice: Social sciences, philosophical and philological methods. Thereby, nurse researchers interested in conducting phenomenological research may find a global outlook and support to understand and conduct this type of inquiry which draws on the art.
Autores: Errasti Ibarrondo, María Begoña; Wilson, D. ; Jordan, J. A.; et al.
ISSN 0885-3924  Vol. 56  Nº 6  2018  págs. E137
Autores: Errasti Ibarrondo, María Begoña; Pérez Diez del Corral, Mercedes; Carrasco Gimeno, Jose Miguel; et al.
ISSN 0029-6554  Vol. 63  Nº 3  2015  págs. 255-268
Errasti-Ibarrondo, B; Pérez, M; Carrasco, J.M; Lama, M; Zaragoza, A; Arantzamendi, M. Essential elements of the relationship between the nurse and the person with advanced and terminal cancer: A meta-ethnography. Nursing Outlook DOI: 10.1016/j.outlook.2014.12.001 Indexada en: MEDLINE, CINAHL and the Journal Citation Reports published by Thomson Reuters. Área: Enfermería-SSCI Índice de Impacto (JCR Science 2014): 2.359 Posición de la revista en el área: 3/101 Cuartil: 1
Autores: Olano Lizarraga, Maddi; Ara Lucea, María Pilar; Simón-Ricart Cenizo, Aurora; et al.
ISSN 1879-0844  Vol. 17  Nº Supl 1  2015  págs. 395
Autores: García Vivar, Cristina; Canga Armayor, Ana; López de Dicastillo Sáinz de Murieta, Olga; et al.
Libro:  Libro de Actas IX Jornadas de Profesorado de Centros Universitarios de Enfermería ¿La Investigación en Enfermería¿. Conferencia nacional de decanos y decanas de enfermería
2016  págs. 42 - 50
Introduction. The new university demands require redefining the management model of nursing research in order to consolidate its quality and socio-health impact. Aim. To present the strategies used in the implementation of a management model for the development of nursing research at the University of Navarra (UN). Methodology. The four phases of Marchette (the simulation, the individualistic, the unified and the balanced phases) are the framework to present the management model implemented by the UN to foster research in Nursing. Results. The following strategies are described: organizing conferences and meetings on research; research investment in teacher training; approval of the research areas as organizational structures for the development of nursing knowledge; creation of the Chair Maria Egea for research; implementation of the Research Strategic Plan 2013-2018; approval of the Doctoral Program in Nursing Science. Conclusions. There is a need to adopt and adapt new management structures that encourage disciplinary knowledge, the development of competitive research teams, interdisciplinary research, teamwork, and training of new researchers. Also, these structures must respond to new health and social demands, and promote clinical nursing practice of excellence.
Autores: Pérez Diez del Corral, Mercedes
Libro:  Care professions and globalization: theoretical and practical perspectives
Nº 1  2014  págs. 217 - 241
Autores: Naval, Concepción; Pérez Diez del Corral, Mercedes
Libro:   Educación, libertad y cuidado
2013  págs. 169-180