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Karmele Valencia Leoz

Programa Tumores Solidos
Tumores Sólidos y Biomarcadores Fundación para la Investigación Médica Aplicada
Líneas de investigación
lung cancer, molecular and cellular biology, new target therapies, biomarkers
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14, (WoS, 01/03/2023)
14, (Scopus, 01/03/2023)
17, (Google Scholar, 01/03/2023)

I started my scientific career with my PhD work in the University of Navarra under the supervision of Dr. Lecanda covered by ADA, FIMA, Government of Navarra and Spanish Ministry of Education fellowship (FPU) grants. My PhD (Extraordinary Doctoral and two 'Young Investigator' awards) was focused on mechanisms involved in lung cancer bone metastasis. I reported my work, as a first author, in three papers, all in Q1. After a first postdoctorate in ETH Zürich for two years under the supervision of Prf. Wutz, for which I secured my own funding (Fundación Alfonso Martín Escudero) and that resulted in a first author publication, I joined the Solid Tumors program at CIMA for a second postdoc with the objective of establishing a research career to find biomarkers and new therapeutic targets in lung cancer. In 2018, I obtained a public position as researcher in CIBERONC funded by the Spanish Ministry of Health to join Dr. Montuenga's laboratory. Since then, I have been focused on the study of KRAS-driven tumors (Valencia et al. JCI, 2020), cytoplasmic tyrosine kinases (Valencia et al. JEM, 2022; Redín et al. JTO, 2022), new biomarkers in liquid biopsy in lung cancer (Valencia et al. Cancers, 2021) and the development of preclinical tools for lung cancer study (Valencia et al. Disease Models&Mechanisms, 2021). I have 33 publications in the field of cancer, 14 in D1 as first authorship or co-author. I have published as co-author or main author in high impact journals as JEM, JCI, Can Disc, Nat Cancer, Can Research, Nat Comm, JTO, AJRCCM or CCR among others. This January I have obtained a permanent position as researcher at the Solid Tumor program at CIMA. The collaboration with Prof. Montuenga in my path to independent research has allowed me to establish independent research lines, being my leadership recognized by being corresponding authorship in my last three pieces of work and the co-supervision of 3 PhD thesis. I have been granted by IASLC and Fundacio¿n la Caixa with 3 projects as PI to fund these lines of research. I have had the opportunity of participating in 15 R&D projects financed in competitive calls from national and international entities and presented 15 works in national and international conferences, 5 of which were awarded. I am part of the Liquid Biopsy working module of CIBERONC. I have been reviewer of 5 scientific journals. I have licensed two lung squamous cell carcinoma cell lines as inventor to Applied Biological Materials, Inc. (Canada). Since 2016 I am assistant professor in Genetic and Biochemistry department (Contracted Doctor ANECA accredited since 2018) in the school of Science, with more than 500 hours of teaching experience. I am responsable of two innovative teaching projects at the University of Navarra. To date, I have supervised 3 masters thesis and 2 final degree projects. Currently I am supervising 2 final degree projects and 3 PhD thesis. I have always been strongly committed with scientific outreach participating in several institutional proposals, including student mentoring to inspire young girl's vocations for science in the programs 'Woman for Science' and 'Inspire Stem' from UN and University of Deusto respectively. I have also the opportunity to explain my research in national and regional media including national TV and radio.