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Cultural events - International Committee

Aplicaciones anidadas


Cultural events


The International Committee organizes cultural events to ensure that you make the most out of your time abroad. These events are more focused within the northern regions of Spain, specifically Navarra and the basque country, to let students see that there is more to Spain than just flamenco and paella as well as get a chance to meet local students.

Some examples of events we have done in the past are: Visits to the Palace of Olite and the Monastery of Leyre, Wine tastings in Navarran wineries, trips to the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, cooking classes, trips to Madrid and Barcelona, Salsa Night, international potlucks and barbecues, surfing trips in the north of Spain and south of France, and many more!

To see what we are planning this year check out the page of the Official International Committee Events, and follow us on our Facebook page.

There are also many cultural events such as theatre plays on and off campus.


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What we are planning...


Aplicaciones anidadas


Discovering the northern regions of Spain


  • Palace of Olite

    In the past, the International Committee have done cultural and local excursions, such as visiting the Palace of Olite in Navarra.

  • Pamplona

    One of our most valued cultural excursions is that of our home town, Pamplona. Pamplona has a wide range of leisure activities, shops and a fine dining tradition.

  • San Sebastián

    Cultural events are more focused specifically in Navarra and the Basque Country where San Sebastián is located. In this city students can find Tecnun.

  • Barcelona

    To add to student's experience, we also include long distance trips to Barcelona or Madrid for discovering the spanish culture.

Pestaña atras

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