European students and bilateral agreements

If you have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by an EU-member state and you are in Spain on a short exchange/ stay ­– that is, you are not yet a resident in Spain – you can use your EHIC to access state healthcare in Spain.

You can use the EHIC to get any medically necessary treatment (as determined by the doctor you see) through the state system either at a reduced cost or free. This could be routine or specialist treatment – for a new or an ongoing condition – which cannot wait until you return home. It does not give access to private healthcare.

It is advisable not to totally rely on the EHIC and to take out medical insurance. There have been cases where an EHIC has been refused in some parts of Spain.

For further information please check Admisión y ayudas.

Non European Students

It is required for non european students to have some form of insurance.

  • Travel insurance

    The travel insurance that is required for the student visa application generally only covers incidents that occur during the trek from your home country to Spain. Please make sure to read the conditions before consulting with a doctor.

  • Overseas insurance

    Overseas Insurance can be quite costly but should cover most accidents or illnesses that occur while you are studying abroad in Spain. International insurance is accepted in any hospital but be sure to check the conditions of your policy. Not all treatments will be covered and additional fees could be charged.

    This type of insurance can be acquired in your home country and, in some cases, through your home university. Check what options are available to you previous to your departure.

  • Spanish insurance

    If you are planning on staying at the university for a year or more, it is highly recommended to acquire a local insurance policy. The local policies will be able to cover you for more while, in some cases, you may be paying less than at home.

    For more information about companies and policies, please check out this page about Healthcare and insurances.

    School Insurance
    The Universidad de Navarra has a general accident coverage that allows students to be cared for at the private Clinica Universidad de Navarra.

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