Banks and phones

To help you with all your everyday needs while you are in Pamplona, here is a quick guide to everything that will make your stay here more convenient and enjoyable. We have linked the locations of some of these places of interest, however there are many more that do not appear here but can easily be found by asking any person for directions.

  • Opening up a bank account

    If you are staying for more than one semester, it may be a good idea for you to open a bank account.

    Spanish accounts are available to both residents and non-Spanish residents. There is more flexibility to accounts opened as a resident however if you are here for a short time and you do not plan to live here on a permanent basis, you can open up an account with Banco Santander.

    There is only one branch in Pamplona that allows you to open an account with only a passport/NIE and it is located at the intersection of Avenida Pio XII and Calle La Rioja, 2. It is only this particular branch that has a relation with the university, and any other Banco Santander will not let you open an account without obtaining residency. This process will have to be done in person. For more information about residency please check out our website on immigration.

    Once you have an account open, you can request for an ATM/debit card that can be used throughout your stay in Spain.

    IF you have legal residency in Spain through at TIE or a Certificado de Ciudadano de la Union Europea  you can also look into to other banks in the University area such as:

    • BBVA

    • La Caixa

    • Bankia

    • Banco Popular

    • Sabadell

    We recommend that you take a look at all of these banks and more to see which serves your needs best.

    Keep in mind that if you are under 26 years old many banks have what they call “Youth” accounts which allow you to set up your account for free. Not all banks have this option but make sure to ask about it. Also make sure to ask about setting up online banking so that you can pay with things online.

  • Phones

    Many students bring their phones from home with them. If you wish to continue to use your phone make sure it is unlocked so that you can get a SIM from a phone company here in Spain.

    There are two options for students who wish to do this. First you can get a pay as you go card where you can put in money in or if you have a Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero (TIE) you can apply for a contract. Please note that the contracts last for 18 months.

    The pay as you go option is generally the most popular among students. You can add as little or as much as you want from 5 euros to more. You don´t need a bank account for this option and you can top up your phone at grocery stores, online, phone shops, and tobacco shops. Additionally, you can set up internet on pay as you go phones.

    This is option is really important to keep in mind because in Spain, the main form of communication is through WhatsApp. It is far more widely used than texting. This can also be used internationally to connect with friends and family.

    Companies in located near the campus are:

    • Vodafone

    • Movistar

    • Yoigo

    • Orange

    • MásMovíl

    • Among others.

    When making international calls make sure to keep in mind that the international access code 00 and that the Spain country code is 34.

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