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  • Trend forecasting and the fashion system


    Professor: Lala Herrero


    Dates: 27th May


    Course aim:

    > Understand what a contemporary trend is.

    > Discover the world of trend forecasting and main names

    > Reflect on the meaning of “fashion”

    > Understand the evolution of fashion and how it is intimately connected to the evolution of society.




    Morning: Introduction to Trend Forecasting

    - Where do trends come from?

                Definition of a trend

                Memes and trend Viruses

                Who creates Trends?

                The role of Designers

    - Trend Forecasting:

                What is trend forecasting

                Who does trend forecasting?

    Afternoon: Fashion trends

    - Defining fashion

    - Design Concepts and style directions:

                3 eras of fashion

    Style tribes

    - Fashion Map

    - Latest changes in the fashion market


  • Storytelling and social media


    Professor: Belén Torregrosa


    Dates: 28th y 29th May


    Course aim:

    > Understand the current consumption and communication system and learn to establish creative connections between seemingly unconnected worlds.

    > Obtain basic knowledge about storytelling while designing brand identities.

    > Design a communication strategy towards brand identity, trends and social networks.

    > Awakening curiosity towards the fashion system and its ability to tell us about the society of the moment we live.




    During this workshop we will try to learn the basic notions that a student needs to master in order to communicate a brand in the current communication system.

    Combining theory and prototyping, reflection and exploration, analysis and teamwork, our journey will begin with a conceptual presentation of the Creative Economy, the framework within, according to the trend analysts, operate the brands of the moment.

    In order to understand the current scenario in communication, we will discuss elements like speed, co-creation, multichannel marketing, technology, transparency or the role of design in today’s most loved brands.

    Due to the importance of storytelling and social media, we will also offer a new methodology to prototype communication projects that includes:

    1. Framing: From the Marketing to the Societing.

    2. Story: Brands as the new mythmakers

    3. Product: Fussion between form, function, ethics and aesthetics.

    4. Emotional atlas: conflicts, emotions and customer journey.

    5. Cultural branding: Chasing cool in a world of abundance.

    6. Audiences: The hero’s journey, applied to our customers.

    7. Purpose: The power of brands as myth makers.

    8. Social Media: From advertising to conversiting.

    Looking for a playful way to learn the concepts included here, we will focus on the flower’s trend to explore all concepts while mapping the ideas, insights, key concepts and personal discoveries made throughout this two days workshop.

    The workshop combines the IDEO methodology about storytelling for influence within the education from the Future Concept Lab, the Center for Storytelling and the experience gained during the last 9 years trying to improve education through the art of storytelling.

    Participation, prototyping and conceptual framing.


  • From Macro trends to fashion design: communicating concepts through clothing


    Professor: Louise Stuart Trainor


    Dates: 30th y 31st May


    Course aim:

    How trend forecasting agencies work, and how trend information is used by brands, as well as changing influences (trickle-up and down effects) and the macro environmental context.




    30th May


    - Macro trends: spotting and creating

    • Exploring how macro trends are formed

    • The role of influencers and consumers

    • The context of your collections 


    - Research and analyse trends and start to collect some research to build towards a final outcome (a series of digital concept boards). 

    - Researching and analysis

    • How to research trends 

    • Frameworks to analyse evidence 

    31st May

    - Reflect on what the research is communicating and how that message translates as clothing.

    - Presentation of the findings.

    - Applying macro trends to fashion design

    • Examining appetite for innovation 

    • Communicative clothing 

    • Translating macro trends into design


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