Patrícia Dias Soares, Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Lisbon, Portugal) – Visiting researcher

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Patrícia Dias is Auxiliary Professor of Communication Sciences at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal, where she coordinates the Post-graduate Course on Communication and Social Media. She is a post-doctoral researcher at the Research Centre for Communication and Culture, working on a project about multi-screening, communication and cognition. Patrícia Dias is author of "Living in the Digital Society" (2014) and "The Mobile Phone and Daily Life" (2008), amongst others. She currently integrates COST actions eRead and DigiLitEY, and the European Commission's project "Young Children (0-8) and Digital Technologies".


She came to the Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life thanks to a Short Term Scientific Mission funded by the COST action eRead. Under the theme "Multi-screening Practices and Reading Experiences", this visit aims to collect data from ethnographic journals and to conduct interviews to a sample of 15 young adults (aged 18 to 25). The same study was already conducted in Portugal within her postdoctoral project.  The main focus of this study are multi-screening practices and motivations in the specific setting of using portable screened-devices (smartphone or tablet) while watching television. This broader scope will entail specific questions on reading practices in such screened devices, focused on the experience of reading (physical comfort, emotions, immersion, interactivity with device, social interaction).

Period of stay
April 2016

Prof. Javier Serrano

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