Isadora Ortiz de Camargo, Universidade de São Paulo (São Paulo, SP, Brasil)

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Isadora Ortiz

Isadora Ortiz de Camargo is a PhD student in Digital Media Management at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and is a journalist at News Agency EFE, where she is responsible for digital news projects and multimedia narratives. She has a master in Communications Science at USP. Her professional experience includes jobs at newspapers, sites and TV at Paraná, Brazil, like Gazeta do Povo, Globo TV, Ó TV and G1 and also press offices. She has already been a professor at the University Sao Judas, University Anhembi Morumbi and FIAM-FAAM University, all located in Sao Paulo. Her interest includes: digital, mobile and disruptive journalism, communication and information technologies, business models, digital media work, digital studies, media and strategies management, innovation and media geopolitics. As a member of the Research Group COM+ at USP, she currently develops and research digital strategies and management journalism with global comparatives.


The focus of her work is to investigate the resignification and the news digital strategies for managing media outlets in times of several economic, territorial and legitimacy crisis of journalism, a discussion about the legitimacy of press. Also, the research object is to understand the most important groups of Iberian medias - Prisa Group (Spain), Globo (Brazil) and Sonae Group (Portugal) - understand from Media Geopolitics Theory and Media Management Studies how these groups operate strategies to stay in the digital environment. Her thesis brings others subthemes: the structure of journalistic companies, digital changes and media management in convergence. The goal is to create a "die" of consultation and strategy for sustaining the journalistic business based on arguments of geopolitics and crisis of legitimacy that the press faces.  

Period of stay

September 2019 – Enero 2020


Prof. Charo Sádaba

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