Amy Jo Coffey, University of Florida (USA)

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Dr. Amy Jo Coffey is an associate professor in telecommunication management and director of the online master’s program in Audience Analytics at the University of Florida (USA). She teaches courses in audience analysis, telecommunication programming, innovation and entrepreneurship, and telecommunication management. Her research interests include audience economics and language, with an emphasis on non-English speaking audiences within the United States and advertiser valuation of such audiences, as well as market segmentation and other strategic competition issues. As a secondary area, she has examined the utility of new media spaces, including virtual environments such as Second Life. Her work has been published in such journals as Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Advertising Research, Communication Law & Policy, International Journal on Media Management, and the Journal of Media Business Studies


As Spain is a multilingual society, to what extent is there sufficient regional and local digital news content in various languages? What is the breadth, as well as economic well-being, of the online and mobile ethnic media sector in Spain (specifically focusing on diverse language offerings)? Research from the U.S. has shown that immigrants over-index on mobile phone usage and rely on their phones as news and information tools. Have local and regional mobile and online news media offerings kept pace with the growth of the immigrant communities in Spain, as well as the languages they speak? How does the immigrant community feel about the number and quality of offerings provided in their dominant or preferred languages? This study would explore such questions and provide a baseline for comparison for immigrant digital news consumption in other multilingual societies.

Period of stay
January  2018 – February 2018

Prof. Mercedes Medina

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