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The Universidad de Navarra offers students a unique experience. These are some reasons why you should apply to the Medical School. Here you have some of them.

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10 reasons to study at #MedUNAV

The School of Medicine at the University of Navarra was founded in 1954, more than 65 years of knowledge and know-how.

We are proud of our mission and know what our goal is and how to achieve it.

The mission of the School of Medicine is to create and nurture a university community that provides a meeting place for students and teachers to cultivate:

• Students acquire the most advanced medical knowledge and are prepared to serve people locally or world-wide with a deep respect for human rights, the dignity of patients and their families, and for each human being from conception until natural death.

• Professors enrich classes with their professional careers that include outstanding research and clinical care of patients. The student’s human development is achieved through theoretical and practical teaching, along with individual mentoring.

As a result of our mission, we aspire to be a Medical School where students determine their own professional and personal development and grow as leaders in the medical profession focused on servicing society. The School of Medicine works with the students to achieve their goals.

The Universidad de Navarra offers students a humanistic education, encourages a spirit of solidarity, and provides opportunities to freely form personal convictions. For this reason, our curriculum includes different courses with the purpose of:

• Developing the students ‘critical capacity.

• Teach students to freely form their own convictions.

• Improve scientific and humanistic training.

• Promote a sense of solidarity.

Taking into account that our curriculum is based on an integrated teaching model, Faculty use the proper pedagogy to achieve the expected competences, along with facilitating and promoting self-learning from the students. A detailed coordination of course schedules and calendar allow for more self-work time and teacher driven activities out of class. Classrooms are structured to be more efficient, engaging, and to have a greater proportion of teaching in small groups.

The Universidad of Navarra has a significant international dimension with roughly 25% of its students coming from all over the world. This international approach is enhanced each year through exchange agreements with universities in other countries. The Medical School’s global recognition is also strengthened by its affiliation with Medical Education in Europe Network (MEDINE) of European medical schools, Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE), and VSLO-AAMC.

Medical students at the Universidad de Navarra receive a solid theoretical and conceptual training that is combined with an extensive preparation through medical clerkships. The compulsory practical education is made possible through a diverse plan of clinical rotations that take place in regional and national medical centers, in general and specialized hospitals, and in primary care centers. The practical training can take place in both public and private centers such as Clínica Universidad de Navarra (the only Spanish teaching hospital owned by a university), the Regional Public Hospital of Navarra, the Public primary health network, and mental health centers, among others.

Navarra is an international referenced research university that conducts interdisciplinary investigation at an international level with a high degree of social implications. #MedUNAV is inseparably linked to CIMA and ISTUN research centers where professionals are dedicated to working in areas as Hepatology, Solid tumors and biomarkers, Hematology-Oncology, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular diseases, and neglected tropical diseases. Students benefit from this environment and actively take part in many research projects.

The School of Medicine is an exception in Europe by employing over 300 faculty members that are full-time professionals dedicated to teaching, clinical consultations, and research, which in turn, provides a richer experience in the teaching method. Most of our faculty have international experience in prestigious centers like Pittsburgh University, Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson or King’s College London, just to name a few.

We could simply say, “From Navarra to the world”. Our graduates constantly score high marks in the Spanish National residency exam (MIR). Moreover, our degree is international in scope, facilitating access to medical practice anywhere in the world. Navarra’s students achieve outstanding results on the USMLE Steps which allows access to work in the USA and they exceedingly pass entrance processes to work throughout Europe in countries such as United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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There are many reasons to choose #MedUNAV for your medical training. Whether it is for our international partners or the prosperous city of Pamplona, which is known for its sports enthusiast, cultural, and artistic ambiance, the best way to discover #MedUNAV is by arranging a personal visit. We are eager to welcome you here!

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