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Safe Campus

Due to the coronavirus, both the University of Navarra and the School of Medicine have implemented, since the beginning of the pandemic, preventive security measures to ensure that classes, practices and the university life can continue to develop normally. Med students who carry out clinical practices in hospitals and health centers were vaccinated by the Government of Navarra on February 24, 2021.

For this, the University of Navarra has developed Prepara2, a plan which, among other issues, involves renewed teaching methodologies, with new work spaces in buildings, health prevention measures and state-of-the-art technological equipment to support teachers and guaranteeing to the students the ability of having classes both in person and online.

This strategic plan, which has been working uninterruptedly since March 2020 and which has allowed students to continue with their classes during all the coronavirus pandemic, is based on four main areas: 

• People.

• Diagnosis and treatment.

• Spaces and Facilities.

• Information.

To guarantee a safe environment for the entire university community (students, faculty, professionals and visitors), the University of Navarra relies on two of the institution's own pillars: the University of Navarra Clinic, an internationally recognized healthcare center, and the CIMA, leading biomedical research center and reference in the discipline.

In addition to having at their disposal the help of the advisor or mentor, the students and their families have support teams and personalized attention in each faculty. These specialized teams are responsible for centralizing and channeling all possible cases of Covid-19, as well as solving doubts and questions that may arise.

Students also have at their disposal the Student Health Guide, a document that contains the action plan, instructions and measures enabled in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

The aim of all these measures is to create a safe campus, in which students only have to focus on learning and making the most of university life.

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