IB Students 2021/2022

IB Students 2021/2022

Students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) can apply to the School of Medicine at the University of Navarra with their final accredited IB score that must meet the requirements established #MedUNAV.

The requirements for students in the IB diploma program are the following:

• Candidates must complete the application through the Portal miUNAV by the established dates and select “IB Candidate”. 

• In order to apply as IB, a minimum predictive score of 37 total points is required.

• The predicted score must include a minimum of 6 Biology HL and a 6 in Chemistry HL.

• The School of Medicine will not consider qualifications that are not from the official score.

•  Pass a personal interview with the Admission Service to evaluate your application profile.    

After completing the admission application through the miUNAV Portal and obtaining the accredited predicted grade requirements (Total score ≥ 37, 6 in Biology HL and a 6 in Chemistry HL), the application process concludes with a personal interview via Skype with a member of the admission team from the School of Medicine at the University of Navarra.

IB candidates admitted to #MedUNAV do not have to take the University’s test or the BMAT exam.

Once the application is completed, the required predicted grades accredited, and the interview conducted, the admission decision will be published through the miUNAV Portal.

If the admission decision is positive, the candidate will receive a conditional admission, pending the final accredited IB scores that must meet the minimum requirements (total score ≥ 37, 6 in HL Biology and 6 in HL Chemistry). This process must be done before July 12, 2021.

If the candidate does not meet any of the admission requirements, the application will be denied.

If an IB candidate prefers to apply through a different application process, they may do so following their application profile:

• National Students: National students enrolled in IB can choose to apply with the required IB score or with the Admission Exam #MedUNAV.

• International Students: International students enrolled in IB can choose to apply with the required IB score, the BMAT exam, with the Admission Exam #MedUNAV.

In all cases presented, the student can only apply through one option, IB or the alternative application process for their profile.

The application must be completed through the Portal miUNAV within the established deadlines.