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La actividad científica y su dimensión ética... ¿requieren de algo más?

Título de la revista: FORUM (ROMA. 2015)
ISSN: 2498-9746
Volumen: 3
Páginas: 287 - 298
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Scientific activity requires ethical control. To this end, many ethical committees have developed ethical codes that aim to regulate, guide, and favour an adequate development of scientific activity, according to some guiding principles. However, the application of these principles is not automatic and requires something else. In this work, I will explore how scientific activity, and the scientific committees that regulate it, require an attitude of honest openness to the search for truth in all its phases. As well as an adequate anthropological and metaphysical understanding, without neglecting the contribution of other agents not involved in scientific activity. Especially when considering the purposes to be pursued by technoscience.