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van Manen's phenomenology of practice: How can it contribute to nursing?

Título de la revista: NURSING INQUIRY
ISSN: 1320-7881
Volumen: 26
Número: 1
Páginas: e12259
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Phenomenology of practice is a useful, rigorous way of deeply understanding human phenomena. Therefore, it allows research to be conducted into nursing's most sensitive and decisive aspects. While it is a widely used research approach and methodology in nursing, it is seldom addressed and made use of in its practical and applied value. This article aimed to approach the global outlook of van Manen's hermeneutic¿phenomenological method to better understand its theoretical background and to address and support the contribution this method can make to nursing, if rigorously applied. For a professional discipline like nursing, van Manen's approach is especially interesting because, in addition to contributing to the body of knowledge of nursing, it provides a special kind of knowledge that allows nurses to act in a more reflective manner, and with tact and skill, in certain situations and relationships that arise in their daily practice. A more in¿depth understanding of this research methodology may help nurse¿researchers make good use of it and also harness knowledge derived from this type of research. This comes as a result of assuming that phenomenological texts, the final product of the research, have tremendous educational potential for people who read them carefully