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Reinventing the wheel? A comparative overview of the concept of dialogue

Autores: Gutiérrez García, Elena; Recalde Viana, Mónica; Piñera, Alejandra
Título de la revista: PUBLIC RELATIONS REVIEW
ISSN: 0363-8111
Volumen: 41
Páginas: 744 - 753
Fecha de publicación: 2015
The concept of dialogue has always been a mainstay in the research literature on public relations. However, the fields of corporate communication and, more recently, business management have focused on different aspects of the notion. Despite such increased research interest, the concept of dialogue yields a range of analytical perspectives; this is due in part to the fragmentation of academic study, whereby scholars pursue parallel lines of inquiry that never intersect in interdisciplinary exchange. Therefore, the twofold purpose of this article is to explore the concept of dialogue in the context of business: on the one hand, to offer an interdisciplinary account of dialogue based on a model of analysis shaped by the five key dimensions of the concept; and on the other hand, to use the model to trace which perspectives are articulated in the related theory. In short, the article works towards a clearer understanding of the management implications that stem from the conceptualization of dialogue