Telling a story: the incorporation of 'literature' into the autobiographical digital project


How can beginning level Spanish students meaningfully interact with literature and culture? Activating creativity and critical thinking to develop multiliteracies can help make this content accessible to beginning learners, and through the use of varied, creative, and personally connected activities students can begin to express their voice in relation to such texts. 

In this session we will expand on these ideas by examining a study conducted with international students who worked with literary texts applied to creative activities in the classroom and their course projects.


Sarah Marie Gielink is an instructor and PhD student at ILCE-Universidad de Navarra, where she graduated with her MA in Teaching Spanish as Second Language. She has taught courses in Communication and Culture at different levels, Pronunciation and Conversation, and Academic and Cultural Adjustment: Maximizing Study Abroad. She also holds a BA  from Ohio Wesleyan University where she completed a double major in Spanish and Theatre. Her professional and research interests include multiliteracies and the role of literature in L2 learning.



15 de diciembre de 2022



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