MultiNeg International Workshop: Interactive negation and disagreement

Interactive negation and disagreement: cognitive, pragmatic and multimodal approaches. MultiNeg International Workshop


Workshop theme

Over the last decades, pragmatic models of language and human communication have placed the management of (dis)agreement in a prominent position in the study of verbal interaction. Consequently, (dis)agreement, alongside a wide net of related notions –politeness and alignment, in the positive pole; interactive negation, refusal, opposition, dispute or conflict, in the negative pole– have become key concepts to understand how conversational exchanges work and to what extent the speaker and his/her interlocutors very often negotiate meaning and stance using an extensive range of verbal and non-verbal means.

Despite this increasing interest, there are still major theoretical and methodological challenges that the specific analysis of disagreement and interactive negation may need to tackle. Among them, a conceptual model that is able to explain and integrate disagreement into wider, high-scale human cognitive, pragmatic and meaning-making abilities is still under construction. Furthermore, at the methodological level, it is not easy to gain access to systematic tools and data to empirically study this core pragmatic routine from a comprehensive multimodal perspective.

The MultiNeg team organizes this international workshop with the aim to bring together scholars working in Pragmatics, Multimodality, Gesture Studies, Corpus Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Cognitive Science and/or Applied Linguistics, and gain new insights into the multimodal expression of interactive negation and disagreement.


Workshop speakers

• Invited speakers

→ Geert Brône, KU Leuven

• MultiNeg external board

→ Anais Holgado-Lage, Princeton University
→ Renia López-Ozieblo, Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
→ Malin Roitman, Stockholm University
→ Biagio Ursi, ENS-Lyon

• MultiNeg core team

→ Laura Amigot, Complutense University of Madrid
→ Elvira Manero, University of Murcia
→ Inés Olza, University of Navarra
→ Carmela Pérez-Salazar, University of Navarra
→ Javier Yániz, University of Navarra


About MultiNeg Project:

MultiNeg proposes a cognitive and multimodal turn in the study of interactive negation. Between 2019 and 2022, the project is coordinated by the Multimodal Pragmatics Lab of the University of Navarra, with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and FEDER/UE funds (grant agreement PGC2018-095703-B-I00).


Fechas: 12 de diciembre (de 09:15 a 18:00 h.) y 13 de diciembre (de 10:00 a 18:00 h.)

Organiza: Inés Olza y Javier Yániz, Proyecto MultiNeg, Instituto Cultura y Sociedad


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12 de diciembre de 2022




Aula ICS

Ciudad Pamplona
Organiza Instituto Cultura y Sociedad