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The University will reward good character education practices in schools in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico

The School of Education and Psychology and the Institute for Culture and Society have organized the prize with the support of Templeton World Charity Foundation

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14/03/17 18:17 Isabel Solana

The University of Navarra, in collaboration with the Templeton World Charity Foundation, will reward good character education practices in schools in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. The term “character education” also includes moral education, social education, education in virtues and civic education.

To this end, the Templeton Prizes for Character Education in Latin America have been announced and aim to recognize projects with these characteristics that are being carried out in schools, motivating teachers to become involved in them and raising awareness about their value through the dissemination of good practices.

Secondary schools (12-16 years old) with at least 500 students from Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, and with at least three years of experience in the development of character education projects or programs may apply. The projects should be integrated into the school’s educational planning

Six prizes: Financial support and an all-expenses paid trip to a conference

Six prizes will be awarded (two per participating country). Each prize consists of a cash award to the school in the amount of 1,200 euros. It also includes attendance at the International Conference on Character Education in Buenos Aires, Argentina in June 2018. Travel and lodging will be covered for two representatives of each winning proposal.

These awards are promoted by the “Researching and promoting character education in Latin American secondary schools” project, which is a joint initiative of the School of Education and Psychology and the Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Navarra. The project receives funding from the Templeton World Charity Foundation.

The project aims to achieve a better understanding of the formation of positive character traits- particularly social and moral virtues- and to analyze how they can be promoted in secondary schools in Latin America.

It includes part theoretical research, part practical application, and is centered on the three countries mentioned.  The project aims to review and engage with education policies and best practices in schools in the region.


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