FAQ´S: Vida Universitaria

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1. Does the University of Navarra offer extracurricular activities?


Yes, students can use their free time to participate in other kinds of activities through the Cultural Activities Office, Students for Social Service, Chaplaincy and the Sports Service.

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2. Where can I learn about events organized at the University?


All information about events taking place at the University, on any of its campuses, can be found in the Events section.

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3. What activities are organized by the Cultural Activities Office?


Theater performances, contests, music-related events... All activities are listed on the following website: Cultural Activities Office

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4. I want to do volunteer work but I don't know where to start.


Students for Social Service organizes a great many volunteer activities. You can find them at: Solidarity.

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5. I want to sign up for a sports team. Where can I learn more?


The Sports Service has a wide range of sports teams. All information can be found on the following website: Sports Service.

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6. What are University of Navarra's official social media accounts?


All of the University's accounts are listed at University 2.0

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7. Does the University have mobile apps?


You can access the University's website from your phone. iPhone and Android apps are available. Mobile

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