Evaluation and awards

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Awards and ceremony:
There are six total awards, which correspond to a monetary prize of 1200 Euros each. Two projects from each participating country, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, will receive an award.

Each award includes a trip to the International Conference 'Character Education: Challenges and Opportunities' in Pilar, Argentina (13-14 June 2018).

A certificate of participation will also be awarded.


The award committee and evaluation criteria:
The award committee will be chaired by a member of the “Researching and promoting character education in Latin America secondary schools” project at the University of Navarra. A member appointed by the Templeton World Charity Foundation and two independent experts will also be on the committee.

The evaluation criteria for judging the proposals are as follows:

  • The project closely aligns with the topic

  • The project’s clarity and coherence: Formulation of objectives, values, educational means, integration of the various educational agents

  • Dissemination of the project in day-to-day school life: Classes, extracurricular activities, teacher training, parents, school events, interpersonal relationships in the school, community service activities (teachers-students-families-management staff, etc.)

  • Quality of the presentation and evidence

  • Innovative means and resources in character education

  • Evaluation system, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation and development of the project

Relinquishment of rights:

The University of Navarra will retain all submitted project reports.

The submitted projects will not be returned. The University of Navarra and the Templeton World Charity Foundation reserve the right to make free use of the project reports in an effort to disseminate good practices in character education.

Download the contest rules
Character Education in Latin America. Challenges and Opportunities


'Researching and promotin Character
Education in Latin American
Secondary Schools'

University of Navarra
University Campus s/n
31009 Pamplona, Spain