"Service-learning: volunteering in school", a Civic Parliament conference

This presentation given by Xus Martín from the University of Barcelona was aimed at students of Pre-school and Primary Education, Pedagogy and professionals in Education.

"Service-learning: volunteering in school" is the title of the conference given by Xus Martín, professor at the University of Barcelona. The event was organized by the Civic Parliament, an initiative that has arisen from an agreement signed between the Parliament of Navarra and the University of Navarra. The conference, which was aimed at students of Pre-school and Primary Education, Pedagogy and teaching professionals, focused on the integration of volunteering in schools as a channel to raise civic awareness and participation among students by involving them in social issues in their close social circle: learning through participation. Learning thereby improves community services.

As stated by Professor Concepción Naval, "we have been interested in this subject at the Civic Parliament because it was deemed opportune to focus on different sectors of society to achieve our goal of improving social participation among citizens more effectively ". Thus, this program focuses on answering questions such as: Do our youth understand what it means to be a citizen? Do they actually put it into practice? "With these activities we intend to ensure that the response to these questions becomes progressively more positive, as part of our effort to improve teacher training", said Naval.

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