Debate in Parliament with students

Student debate in Parliament, January 27th, 2011

A debate on democracy held with university students in the Parliament.
 More than a hundred students from the Education Department of the University of Navarra discussed democracy on Thursday, January 27th, from 9 to 10.30 am at the Parliament of Navarra. The purpose of this activity was to bring university students closer to the public institutions in order to enhance civic awareness among young people, opening public institutions to young people so they may understand how they work. First year students of Pedagogy, pre-School and Primary Education, and those on the joint degree courses (Education + Pre-School or Primary Education) held a plenary debate on 'what is and what characterises a democracy`. To this end, the students were divided into 10 working groups that reflected on three issues: democracy, keys to fostering civic engagement and the contribution of a university student. The representatives of each working groups then explained to the rest of participants and the presidential table, comprised of Professor Concepción Naval and class representatives, the conclusions they had reached.

Después, representantes de cada comisión explicaron al resto de participantes y a la mesa presidencial, integrada por la profesora Naval y los representantes del curso, las conclusiones obtenidas.

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