La tecnología, ¿factor de exclusión o elemento de relación y participación social?

  • Title: Technology: a factor in social exclusion or an element of social relationships and participation?

  • Date: 4th June 2010

  • Time: 12:30

  • Place: Parlamento de Navarra, Pamplona. Leaflet


This activity is designed to reflect on the role that Information and Communication Technologies play in building up or breaking down barriers between people, those of an economic, social or cultural nature or that are due to a generation gap, and to open a debate about how technology can represent an element of social cohesion and participation.


Opening ceremony and presentation of the Civic Parliament

  • Elena Torres: President of the Parliament of Navarra.

  • Ángel J. Gómez Montoro: President of the University of Navarra.

  • Concepción Naval: Vice-President of the University of Navarra.


Two secondary school students and one university student

Potential participants: young people in general, ICT users, older people with less experience in ICT, educators (teachers, parents) for whom technology is both an educational challenge and a problem, representatives of the media and other institutions.

The session was broadcast live on Twitter for all those interested so that the ideas that form the subject of the debates can be heard first hand on the social networks, and so that those connected can easily take part themselves by asking questions and making comments through the same medium.

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