The political discourse of Carl Schmitt: A mystic of order

Autores: Herrero, Montserrat
Editorial: Rowmann & Littlefield
Localidad: Lanham
ISBN: 9781783484546
Número de página: 277
Fecha de publicación: 2015
Resumen: Carl Schmitt is a key figure in modern political thought, but discussion of his work often focuses upon specific elements or themes within his texts. This book provides a wide-ranging discussion of Carl Schmitt¿s discourse and provides a new perspective on his contribution, presenting the idea of Nomos of the Earth as the key idea that organizes his political and legal discourseThis book creates a `reverse genealogy¿ of Schmitt¿s theoretical system, starting from his legal and political concept of nomos so as to reconstruct his understanding of order. It connects the different topics the Carl Schmitt developed along his intellectual trajectory, which have generally been approached in separate ways by scholars: the legal theory, the concept of the political, the theory of international relations and political theology. The text considers the whole of Carl Schmitt¿s work including writings that have been previously unknown to the English speaking academy; old journals with just three or four pages, newspaper articles, manuscripts of conferences, and Festschrifts. It provides a balanced examination of the whole complex of Carl Schmitt¿s political discourse.