Effects of reforestation with conifers on the communities of mesostigmatic mites in northern Spain (Acari: Mesostigmata)

Libro: Trends in Acarology : Proceedings of the 12th International Congress of Acarology, Amsterdam 2006
Autores: Moraza Zorrilla, María Lourdes
Editorial: Springer-Science y Business Media B. V.
Localidad: Dordrecht
ISBN: 9789048198375
Página inicial-final: 129 - 133
Fecha de publicación: 2010
Resumen: The effect of reforestation of Pinus nigra and Pinus halepensis in central and southern Navarra (northern Spain) on mesostigmatic mite communities inhabiting the soil was studied, and seasonal fluctuation of mite populations over 1 year of sampling. Reforestation causes a clear change in species richness of the community (71-72% drop) and a significant decrease of mite abundance (31-50% loss). There are no significant differences in overall Shannon¿s diversity (H) and evenness (J) when the Mediterranean shrub (H = 2.92, J = 0.66) is replaced by a pine forest (H = 2.73, J = 0.72). However, H and J significantly increased when a pine forest (H = 3.34, J = 0.84) substitutes the natural oak forest (H = 2.80, J = 0.63). Summer is the critical, unfavorable season for Mesostigmata of this region in terms of their abundance and community diversity.