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Authors: Hernantes Colias, Naia; Pumar Méndez, María Jesús (Autor de correspondencia); López de Dicastillo Sáinz de Murieta, Olga; et al.
ISSN 0957-4824  Vol. 35  Nº 3  2020  pp. 610 - 623
Authors: Bermejo Martins, Elena; Mujika Zabaleta, Agurtzane (Autor de correspondencia); Iriarte Roteta, Andrea; et al.
ISSN 0309-2402  Vol. 75  Nº 8  2019  pp. 1764 - 1781
Aim To show the results of an exploratory trial based on social and emotional learning to promote healthy lifestyles in 5-6 aged children. Design A randomized controlled trial. Method The study was conducted from 2015-2016. Thirty-seven children were allocated to the intervention group (N = 19) and control group (N = 18). A multi-method and multi-component evaluation approach was used to capture the preliminary efficacy, acceptability, and feasibility of the programme. Repeat measures ANOVA followed by an ANCOVA tests were applied for the inferential analysis and for qualitative data, a content analysis was used. Results Positive effects on emotional perception and resilience were found in children's intervention group. Children and families showed high programme's acceptability and a wide range of barriers and facilitators were identified during the implementation process. Conclusion Predicted mechanisms to improve healthy lifestyles in children throughout social and emotional competence seem to be supported by some of the study's results. However more research is needed to replicate such results and confirm these mechanisms. ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02975544.
Authors: Mujika Zabaleta, Agurtzane; Hernantes Colias, Naia; Belintxon Martín, Maider; et al.
ISSN 1101-1262  Vol. 28  Nº Supl. 4  2018  pp. 413 - 414