Posted By: Sara Samir Salah Bazian

Date: April 30th, 2018

The first thing that Spain taught me is that if you think you’re fashionable, you’re probably not over there. The Spanish have such a distinct style but the good news is that it´s really easy to get a hang of. All you need are two things: a sense of what suits you and what doesn’t and a trip to ZARA. I’ve noticed that the Spaniards believe FA-SHUN to have a feel good look  good effect. Therefore, whatever you think you look good in will help you fit right into the Spanish fashun. With the months I’ve spent in Pamplona I’ve realized that in order to fully grasp the Spanish sense of style, you need to know where it comes from. That was when I went on a stalking spree of Spanish influencers on Instagram and came across Maria Pombo. Maria Pombo in my opinion is the epitome of Spanish style and beauty, her fashion, being both effortless and natural, appeals to everyone.

The two biggest don’ts in Spanish FASHUN are hard to decipher if you’re not from here, but the good news is I can let you in on what I’ve learnt to be the taboos. Thongs? No don’t get excited we’re talking about flip-flops. You cannot go around assaulting others by the ubiquitous sight of your toes. In other words, if you are thinking of wearing flip-flops to school in University of Navarre, erase that thought indefinitely. The Spanish take attire very seriously, the day I noticed this I was wearing yoga pants at school, sitting in my boss’s office and discussing the differences in our distinct cultures. There we were an American, a Saudi Arabian and a Spaniard, deliberating the nitty gritty habits that we should drop while in Spain. My boss at one point looks at my pants and says in a motherly tone, ‘Cariño, in Spain we only wear yoga pants to yoga classes´. That was the last day I wore yoga pants to school. Of course, it depends on where and what you study… To wear yoga pants as a medical student is widely accepted, however, as a law student, let’s just say I wouldn’t want you representing me in court.