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The ICS at the University of Navarra and Reichenberger publish an unknown version of Mozart's Requiem found in the Cathedral of Pamplona

The publication is preceded by an extensive English-Spanish study by musicology professor Miguel Ángel Marín

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26/11/20 13:02

The Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra and the German publisher Reichenberger have published a previously unknown version of Mozart's Requiem found in the Cathedral of Pamplona. The volume, which is part of the Chantria Pampilonense collection, comes to light on the 229th anniversary of Mozart's death, which happened December 5, 1791.

The musical edition was presented by Aurelio Sagaseta, Chapel Master at the Cathedral of Pamplona, ​​which was preceded by an extensive bilingual study (in English and Spanish) prepared by Miguel Ángel Marín, professor of musicology at the University of La Rioja.

The Requiem was Mozart's last composition, which he left unfinished due to his untimely death. According to the authors, from an early date, the piece became a kind of official music for the funeral services of kings, aristocrats, the military and other distinguished members of society. This explains why dozens of pieces are scattered throughout Spanish archives. They were copied for practical purposes, sometimes incorporating creative variants with respect to the original text.

The research collected in this new book reveals some of the particular features that make Mozart's Requiem foundat the Cathedral of Pamplona unique. For example, it modernizes the orchestration, replacing the original corni di basseto and trombones with clarinets and horns, while adding a new bass.

Professor Marín's study reveals that this Requiem was performed in Pamplona in 1844 as part of a royal funeral for the Princess Luisa Carlota de Borbón-Dos Sicilias, mother of Francisco de Asís, king consort after his marriage to Isabel II.

According to the investigation, this music served as a sign of ostentation and prestige at this funeral ceremony organized by a military regiment in Pamplona to show fidelity to the new queen at a time of extreme political tension in Spain. It should be remembered that the First Carlist War had just ended and the throne’s situation was unstable.

Premiere at the Cathedral of Pamplona

This unique version of Mozart's Requiem premiered November 2, 2019 at the Cathedral of Pamplona under the direction of Aurelio Sagaseta, on the occasion of an All Souls Day mass. Its recording is available at the following link:

The Chantria Pampilonense collection emerged as part of a collaboration between the ICS— the University of Navarra’s humanities and social sciences research center— and the Cathedral of Pamplona’s Chapel of Music. It is edited by Aurelio Sagaseta and coordinated by Rafael Zafra, an ICS collaborator within the Creativity and Cultural Heritage project.

In September 2018, the first volume of the collection was published, entitled Obras de maestros italianos en la Catedral de Pamplona (Works by Italian Masters in the Cathedral of Pamplona), ​​and, in 2019, the second came out, with a collection of 21 anonymous and unpublished motets from the Cathedral’s Musical Archive.

About the authors

Miguel Ángel Marín studied musicology at the Universities of Salamanca, Zaragoza and Cardiff (Wales). He holds a PhD from the University of London and is a tenured professor at the University of La Rioja. Since 2009, he has served as the director of the Juan March Foundation’s Music Program. He has published twelve books as an author or editor and numerous articles in national and international journals. He currently directs a project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Aurelio Sagaseta has been Chapel Master at the Cathedral of Pamplona since 1962. After studying composition with Fernando Remacha, he obtained degrees in sacred music, Gregorian chant and musicology in Rome. He is the author of numerous monographs on the history of music in Navarra, among which include the recent Music Archive Catalogue of the Cathedral of Pamplona. As a musician, he has launched 19 recordings with choirs and orchestras that mainly focus on works preserved at the Cathedral of Pamplona.

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