Professional prospects

The Degree Program in Architecture qualifies students to practice the profession of architect, a field that is regulated in accordance with the provisions of the following legal framework:

  • Royal Degree 314 of March 17, 2006, which approves the Technical Building Code (CTE).

  • Directive 2005/36/CE of the European Parliament and Council, issued September 7, 2005, concerning the recognition of professional qualifications.

  • Law 38 of November 5, 1999, the Building Ordinances Act.

  • Royal Degree 685 of March 17, 1982, which develops certain aspects of Law 2 of March 25, 1981, the Mortgage Market Regulation Act.

  • Royal Decree 2512 of June 17, 1977, which approves the rates for architects' professional fees; this decree was ratified except for its financial aspects by the repealing provision of Law 7 enacted April 14, 1997, the Liberalization Measures Concerning Land and Professional Associations Act.

  • Decree 119 of February 1, 1973, which contains the amended wording of Article 2 of Decree 893 of March 24, 1972, creating the National Trade Union and Association of Decorators.

It also prepares students for teaching careers in higher education in the subjects that comprise it: Design, Graphic Expression, Construction, Structural Calculations, Facilities, etc., as well as basic subjects such as Mathematics and Physics.

At the same time, the generalized and comprehensive nature of architects' training prepares them to carry out a variety of tasks that require creative approaches in public and private institutions and international organizations involved in the fields of building, housing and planning, and in the practice of the profession.

Internships and employment

One of the priorities at the School of Architecture is to give impetus to the professional development of its students. Its goal is to provide students and alumni with initial contacts in the professional field and appropriate entry into the job market.

To accomplish this, it has the support of the University of Navarra Business Foundation, an institution that for 25 years has served as a point of contact between businesses and the university. High-level, innovative companies have lent their support and cooperation to this project.

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