The curriculum indicates the subjects for the degree and their nature (basic, required, electives, etc.), the number of credits for each subject, etc. Topics are divided into subjects, which in turn are organized into modules. In addition, it includes practical information for the student's academic life.

  • Module 1. Introduction

    Consists of the subjects of Drawing, Physics and Mathematics, with a total of 60 ECTS credits.

  • Module 2. Technical

    Consists of the subjects of Construction, Structures and Facilities, with a total load of 84 ECTS credits.

  • Module 3. Design

    Consists of the subjects of Composition, Design and Urban Design, with a total of 114 ECTS credits.

  • Module 4. General Education Module

    Subjects of a cross-cutting nature, both required and elective, offered by the University of Navarra and whose purpose is to broaden the general and cultural education of students, with a total of 18 ECTS credits.

  • Module 5. Electives and Intensive Focuses

    This module includes the set of electives offered in the degree program and consists of subjects grouped in intensive courses, for a total of 18 ECTS credits each.

  • Final Degree Project. 30 ECTS

    ECTS: without allocating of credits in application of Ministerial Order ECI / 3856/2007 but it is expected a dedication equivalent to 30 ECTS.

    Course: Once the five academic courses have been completed

    Subjects: Final Degree Project

    Brief description: Development, presentation and defense of a comprehensive architectural project of professional nature. In order to present the FDP it will be necessary to have passed all the credits of the curriculum

    Subject 1 Final Degree Project (.pdf)


      -   Final Degree Project

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