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Personal features and educational experiences of Adult High School Students (AHS)


To broadcast the results, and in an attempt to make a real impact on the population through the research, the project has two main activities: producing a video and holding a session on adult education. 

It was filmed at different times in different places:

  • University of Navarra, recording researchers

  • Félix Urabayen: filming students and the AHS director

  • University and Félix Urabayen: recording images  

Session on "Adult High Schools. Strengths, needs and ways of improving"

From the outset, the project intended to organise and hold a session to bring together professionals and researchers interested in adult secondary education. 


4 pm Welcome and opening the session

● Ángel Sobrino: Associate Dean of Research at the School of Education and Psychology, University of Navarra

● Ander Domblás García: Service Director of Academic Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Department of Education.

● Javier Fernández: Managing Director of the Caja Navarra Foundation.

● Carmen Jusué Simonena: Director of UNED Pamplona, Associate Centre.

● Maite Aznárez: Main Researcher on the Research Project, University of Navarra.

4.30 pm Current situation of adult high schools: Strengths and


● Fernando Carbajo López. Director of the ‘Félix Urabayen’ Navarra Adult High School.

5 pm Presentation of findings

● Maite Aznárez Sanado, Gonzalo Arrondo Ostiz, Sarah Carrica Ochoa, project researchers.

In this part of the session, the sociodemographic profile was described along with the social-professional characteristics and testimonies from students. In addition, results were presented for personal variables related to the education field and dropping out.

6 pm Coffee break

6.30 - 8 pm Round table discussion: Needs and suggestions to improve Adult Education

Moderated by: María Ángeles Sotés Elizalde: Professor at the School of Education and Psychology, University of Navarra


o Fernando Carbajo López: Director of the ‘Félix Urabayen’ Navarra Adult Education Secondary School.

o Pedro Gónzalez Felipe: School guidance counsellor, Professor at the University of Navarra, Former President of the Navarra School Council.

o Esther Monterrubio Ariznabarreta: Department of Education, Director of the Vocational Training Service.

o Fernando Oscoz Renedo: Guidance Counsellor at the Cuatrovientos Integrated Centre.


o Which personal / psychological variables are considered fundamental to prevent students from dropping out?

o Are these types of variables worked on in Adult High Schools? How? Share experiences.

o How can we work on skills with a very wide-ranging student base? Share experiences.

o Which skills are considered necessary for this type of student to find a job?

o What type of needs remain in Adult Education? Suggestions for improvement.

8 pm Session closure and distribution of certificates.

Principal Investigator

Maite Aznárez
Principal Investigator

General contact:
Campus universitario s/n
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 425 600