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Content and Language Integrated Learning in Science and Technology

III Jornadas Create, Motivate, Educate

Building on the success of our 2012 international conference Practical Approaches to Content and Language Integrated Learning, and the experience of the Jornadas Create, Motivate, Educate I and II in 2014 and 2015, we are now organising a second international conference focusing specifically on the teaching and learning of science and technology in a second language. We are interested in how the use of a second language affects teachers and learners, and how learning science and/or technology in a second language boosts learners' language skills. This conference is intended to bring together practitioners and researchers in CLIL Science, in order to share state-of-the-art research, promote good practices and discuss the practical and theoretical issues that arise at different educational levels.

The Scientific Committee welcomes proposals for communications focusing on Content and Language Integrated Learning, and related approaches such as English for Specific Purposes and English Medium Instruction, in the broad area of Science at all levels, from Primary School to Higher Education. Science is understood in the widest sense, including the pure and applied sciences, as well as engineering and technology. Communications may be research-based (theoretical or empirical) or practical, and should fit into one or more of the following broad themes.

Educational levels

1. Pre-school and primary school.

2. Secondary school and baccalaureate.

3. Higher education and professional training.

Conference languages

English and Spanish.

Papers can be sent to: Attention Ruth Breeze at

A selection of the best presentations at the conference will be published in the e-book: "CLIL + Science: Innovation and Good Practices", which will be sent to all participants.