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Two day conference focusing on interactive science teaching and CLIL programmes in primary, secondary and higher education.

Throughout the world, increasing numbers of Content and Language Integrated Learning programmes are being given in the areas of Science and Technology. Such programmes are now to be found at almost every level within the education system.

The time has come to look in greater depth at how CLIL functions in different content areas, and the intrinsically international fields of science and technology provide an excellent place to start.

1. How do we develop life-worthy learning for the future through CLIL?

2. How do we balance content and language to engage student learning?

3. Are we doing enough to promote intercultural awareness, critical thinking, empathy, curiosity, ethics?

4. How can we use CLIL science and technology to enrich the student learning experience?

With this this in mind, CLIL programmes need to constantly align themselves with up-to-date content and research in pedagogy, in order to deliver learning skills that are becoming increasingly important for the future.

Organised by:

  • Facultad de Educación y Psicología

In collaboration with:

  • Instituto de Idiomas

  • Facultad de Ciencias

  • Innovación Educativa