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Beatriz Gómez Baceiredo


Publicaciones científicas más recientes (desde 2010)

Autores: Rodríguez Salcedo, Natalia; Gómez Baceiredo, Beatriz
ISSN 1062-726X  Vol. 29  Nº 1  2017  págs. 16 - 37
This research concentrates on Teresa Dorn's contributions to the history/ herstory of public relations through the analysis of her first 20 years in the profession, 15 of which were devoted to making Burson-Marsteller a prominent multinational company in Spain and Europe. The study explores the process of how Burson-Marsteller became one of the top consultancies in a country with a newly established democracy through the report of a life history. This methodology leads to a better understanding of when, why, and how the first international consultancy was settled in Spain and succeeded under the guidance of an American female practitioner.
Autores: Rodríguez Salcedo, Natalia; Gómez Baceiredo, Beatriz
Revista: Sphera Pública
ISSN 1180-9210  Nº 11  2011  págs. 69 - 91
Autores: López Pan, Fernando; Gómez Baceiredo, Beatriz
Libro:  Periodismo literario: naturaleza, antecedentes, paradigmas y perspectivas
2010  págs. 21 - 40
Autores: Hernández Corchete, Sira; Gómez Baceiredo, Beatriz
Libro:  Estrategias argumentativas en el discurso periodístico
2010  págs. 51 - 68