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Publicaciones científicas más recientes (desde 2010)

Autores: de Mil-Homens e Vinagre, Luis Gustavo; Villa, J., ; Amillo Garayoa, Santiago
ISSN 0974-3227  Vol. 9  Nº 1  2017  págs. 47 - 48
Autores: Pons de Villanueva, Juan; Romero Muñoz, Luis María; Amillo Garayoa, Santiago
ISSN 2035-5106  Vol. 95  Nº 1  2011  págs. 53-7
We report a case of a 15-year-old girl who presented with pain and swelling in the right shoulder. Imaging studies showed an inflammatory process well limited at the rotator interval. Open biopsy showed an osteogenic process that was evident in the postoperative X-rays. Two-year follow-up showed a mature ossification at the rotator interval.
Autores: Albiñana Cunningham, Juan Newton; Muñoa Oteiza, Leyre; Amillo Garayoa, Santiago
Revista: Revista española de cirugía ortopédica y traumatología (Ed. impresa)
ISSN 1888-4415  Vol. 55  Nº Supl  2011  págs. 121-501
Autores: Amillo Garayoa, Santiago; Romero Muñoz, Luis María; Pons de Villanueva, Juan
ISSN 2035-5106  Vol. 94  Nº 3  2010  págs. 137-139
cute compartment syndrome of the forearm requires immediate treatment to avoid damage of the soft tissues and a poor functional outcome for the forearm. Muscular and bone lesions are the main causes of acute compartment syndromes. We report a case of acute compartment syndrome of the forearm caused by a calcific tendinitis of the distal biceps.