Winter Program

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This program is the ideal choice for students wishing to quickly expand their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, become more fluent in conversation, develop critical thinking skills and writing abilities, improve their presentational abilities in Spanish, and enhance their ability to understand and interpret new cultures.   

The Winter Program offers a solid and engaging academic program intended to dramatically improve students' proficiency in written and oral Spanish; and a cultural immersion experience in which students genuinely enjoy learning language, history, and culture in Spain.

Cultural activities at ILCE Universidad de Navarra offer students a genuine immersion in Spanish culture. There will be weekly co-curricular activities to enrich cultural immersion in Spain and to better understand the culture in the context of coursework. Students will have the opportunity to visit many influential sites, learn about the country's unique history, and become immersed in Spanish culture.



Jan 14 - Feb 9, 2018


4 weeks (2 weeks of Spanish Language courses + 2 weeks of multidisciplinary seminars focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation)


Pamplona (3 weeks), San Sebastian (1 week)

Credit recognition ECTS


- Spanish Communication & Culture. 4 ECTS

- Entrepreneurship & Innovation. 3 ECTS


  • Program Structure and Courses

    All students will take a Spanish Written and Oral Communication course, for a total of 4 ECTS, four class hours per day Monday to Friday for 2 weeks (40 class hours). Students will be placed in beginning or intermediate level courses. Syllabi are available for transferring credits to home institutions (please consult with your advisor at your home institution to assure the transfer of ECTS (European credits) to your credit system). Our programs are taught by outstanding local professors from Universidad de Navarra and by distinguished invited professors from other universities such as Columbia University, University of Oxford, Aarhus University, and the University of Miami.

    An official university transcript from Universidad de Navarra will be sent to students’ home universities.

    2018 Winter Program Overview

    2018 Winter Program Syllabi

  • Student Resources On and Off Campus

    A great education extends beyond the classroom. This section provide University-wide resources for all students at Universidad de Navarra.

  • Housing

    Housing is optional and covers room and board in Pamplona for 3 weeks and in San Sebastian for 1 week. Housing locations are close to the city center and within walking distance to the campus. Breakfast and dinner will be served at the housing venues and lunches will be served at the university canteen.






    3 weeks room & board. All meals included.

    San Sebastián


    1 week room & board.  Some dinners included.

    For more information, please contact

    If you decide to find another type of housing, please be aware that each student is responsible for their own arrangements and payment.

  • Tuition & Fees

    Winter Program Fee 1.922,90 €


    Tuition and fees

    1.441,60 €

    Spanish 2 weeks 4 ECTS: 741,60€

    Entrepreneurship 1 week: 350,00€

    Innovation 1 week: 350,00€

    Other Expenses and Fees


    Nonrefundable application fee: 80,00€

    Administration and University facilities fees: 114,00€

    Research I+D+I fee: 95,00€

    Academic liability: 25,30€

    Books and supplies: 47,00€

    Cultural activities: 120,00€

    *To see what this insurance covers, please consult here.

    Payment can be made either by credit card (no additional charge) or international bank transfer. Student is responsible for any fees charged by host banks to complete the money transfer).

    Full tuition must be paid by DEC 1, 2017.

  • Application

    Students can register through the application form. Supporting documentation must be uploaded during your application:

    • Passport

    • ID Photo

    Application deadline is NOV 15, 2017.

    We will process your application and send you confirmation and payment instructions within five business days.

  • Cultural Activities

    Cultural activities range from visiting local castles like the one in Olite to visiting the Cathedral of Pamplona. There will also be opportunities to visit local museums, including our own university museum, which is located on our Pamplona campus.

  • Museums

    Visits to local museums as well as Guggenheim in Bilbao or our own campus museum are always a popular choice.

  • Our Home Town

    One of our most valued cultural excursions is that of our home town, Pamplona. Pamplona is a hospitable and welcoming city with a wide range of leisure activities, shops and a fine dining tradition arising from the quality of Navarrese products. The city is located right in the heart of Navarre, so all of the region's charms are within easy reach.It is a green city that stands out above all for its human heritage.

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